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We are not just another debt collector or debt collection agency, our expert application of late payment legislation and cutting edge financial, investigative and tracing software combined with our vast experience, professionalism, persistence and free to the creditor service makes us truly unique within our industry.
A specialist team of debt recovery professionals in Germany will help recover monies that are owed to you - whether a single or multiple, large or small debt.
We have a high success rate and have more than doubled the recovery rate for many clients who have traditionally sought to recover their debts in-house.
Working on your behalf, we can recover payment for a range of goods or services. Before we proceed, we always agree the best approach with you to ensure that we efficiently and successfully recover the debt on your behalf, without adversely affecting the relationship that you have with your clients.
Our international debt collection experts can help you with:
  • Non-payment
  • Overdue payments
  • Recovery of goods
  • Judgments and enforcement in Germany
  • Tracing debtors all over in Germany
The debtor thus conducting himself would be equally bound as if he had intended to agree to the other party's terms. This proposition is often treated by lawyers as though it enshrined some mysterious dogma; but all it means - though this is important - is that no one can escape his obligations simply by stating that he was mistaken about the terms of the contract: he can only escape if he proves that he was mistaken, and even then the missing payment must be one which relates to some material particular. If it were not for these two rules all contractual transactions would be in danger of being set aside at the whim of a party who alleges that he did not appreciate the nature of his undertaking.
Types of contracts:
Before analysing the various kinds of operative contracts it may be helpful to revert to a matter already touched upon. Invoices and debts have different effects in law, but the one is often induced by the other: eg the statement that the debtor is living in Germany may induce the creditor to give him credit for the purchase of a car. True, one may sue him for damages upon his fraudulent purchase; but one will also have been led to make a material mistake, and this is important from this point of view because if there were merely fraud and no payment one could not claim the car (or its equivalent in money) from third parties - and in practice, of course, the owner should take good care to go abroad so that his claim for damages from the creditor would be likely to be worthless.
If you would like us to deal with large quantities of small or large debts, we would be very pleased to discuss this with you and agree a mutually beneficial cost structure. Depending on the type of contract you made with the debtor, we may be able to recover sufficient interest and administration costs from them to off-set against our costs.
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